Term 2 2024 Start/Finish Dates

Start Finish
Monday 22nd April 24th June
Tuesday 23rd April 25th June
Wednesday 24th April 26th June
Thursday 25th April 27th June
Friday 26th April 28th June

What program is offered at your School?

Click on the “Book Now Button: Select your school under “Location”. The list of programs offered will appear under “Programs”

Terms and Conditions


Payment is required at the time of booking which secures a place for 1 whole term. A credit will be given if SportyStars receives written notice of non-attendence at least 7 days prior to the session.


Late Pick-Up

Late pick-up fees will be charged and due before your child’s next SportyStars session. If late pick-up fees are not paid by the due date, your child will be removed from the program for that week. Late pick-up fees are $30 for the first 15min and $1/minute there after.



The parent/guardian agrees to indemnify SportyStars Programs against all costs, whether commissions, legal fees or otherwise, incurred by SportyStars Programs or their duly Authorised agents relating to the recovery of any monies, goods or services that may be outstanding from time to time pursuant to the terms of this agreement. SportyStars is not responsible for children outside of the agreed program times.


Removal from the program

Our code of behaviour is the same as the behaviour policy at your child’s school. We will strictly adhere to this policy. Parents will be notified if their child has stepped outside these boundaries. SportyStars reserves the right to remove a student at the discretion of the area manager


Public Holidays

If a public holiday or curriculum day occurs on the day of your class, the class will not be on. In this situation, a make-up class will be conducted in the last week of the term at the usual time and day, unless otherwise notified


Inclement Weather

If inclement weather is expected, the clinic will always go ahead. Activities will be appropriately modified for undercover areas.



Refunds are only issued if a program does not commence and cancelled. No refunds are given where a session is missed. If by some reason the programs do not run which is out of the control of SportyStars, SportyStars will attempt to run a make up session at the earliest convenience. If this is not possible, a credit will be given out.


Medical Information

All parents/guardians are required to provide SportyStars will all relevant medical information regarding their children. This information needs to be provided at the time of the booking.

All children with Asthma and/or Anaphylactic health conditions are required to provide an “Action Plan” and have their own medication with them during SportyStars sessions. SportyStars coaches do not carry an Asthma pump and/or Epi Pen. Failure to do so means the child/children cannot participate in the program and SportyStars cannot be held accountable/liable for any incident that may occur without their “Action Plan” and medication.


Health Emergencies

In an emergency situation where your child/ren needs medical attention, staff will ensure that every effort possible is made to get hold of the parent.  If contact is unsuccessful, you authorise any person (acting through the staff and employees of SportyStars programs) in the event of any accident or illness to your child, to take all such steps as may be necessary for the proper treatment and care of your child (advised by a duly qualified and registered medical practitioner that it is necessary) and to authorise a general anaesthetic. In the event of an incident that requires us to call an ambulance SportyStars is not responsible for the costs. You agree to indemnify SportyStars against all costs of obtaining appropriate treatment for your child



SportyStars will occasionally video / photograph sessions that may be used for promotional or training purposes. You agree to your child’s image being used unless written notification to given to the contrary.



If you intend to register to use the services we provide, we may ask you to provide certain personal information that will be used to identify you, and to enable us to communicate with you, either online or offline. We may require information such as your email address, postal address, name, mobile number, credit card details, as well as additional information we need about your child(ren) to ensure we have everything we need to help with the safe use of our services. All these personal details will be stored and kept in strict confidence.

We may use your personal information:

– To share with our employees, and the employees of the service you use, to help administer your account and to communicate with you as required for the use of the services.

– To monitor your use of our service, for the purpose of improving all aspects of our services, and ensuring that our service is not abused nor used wrongfully.

– To provide you with news, updates and promotional material that we believe may be useful or of interest to you.

– To comply with any statutory or regulatory obligations or applicable rules or guidelines requiring disclosure or use of the information.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following government organisations: the Department of Education and Training, and state based Worksafe departments.