Term 2 2021 Start/Finish Dates

Start Finish
Monday 26th April 21st June
Tuesday 27th April 15th June
Wednesday 28th April 16th June
Thursday 29th April 17th June
Friday 30th April 18th June

What program is offered at your School?

Click on the “Book Now Button: Select your school under “Location”. The list of programs offered will appear under “Programs”

Terms and Conditions

If a public holiday or curriculum day occurs on the day of your class, the class will not be on. In this situation, a make-up class will be conducted in the last week of the term at the usual time and day, unless otherwise notified.

This program is a lot of fun and is aimed to improve your child’s motor skills, co-ordination and social interaction. If inclement weather is expected, the clinic will go ahead. Activities will be appropriately modified for undercover areas.

Our code of behaviour is the same as the behaviour policy at your child’s school. We will strictly adhere to this policy. Parents will be notified if their child has stepped outside these boundaries.

Refunds are only issued if a program does not commence and cancelled.

If by some reason the programs do not run which is out of the control of SportyStars, SportyStars will attempt to run a make up session at the earliest convenience. If this is not possible, a credit will be given out.