Our programs aim to encourage a strong foundation on which to build a full and active life. Physical activity for children has been linked to positive self-esteem, skill development skeletal and cardiovascular health, and general healthy development

All our qualified instructors encourage opportunities for cognitive, social and emotional development through and during movement activities within all our programs

Primary School


Primary School Dance

SportyStars offer dance classes (Dance Stars) for primary school children where...

Primary School Sport

SportyStars offer specialist Sport classes for primary school children where...

Pre-school Dance

Dance Stars is a unique preschool dance program that introduces children to the...

Pre-School Sport

Our Preschool sports program is aimed at all kids aged 2-5 years old...


We provide excellent high quality incursions for all kindergartens, early learning centres, childcare centres, and community Centres. We provide specifically designed programs to cater for different age groups ranging from 2-6 years old. Learn More