Pre-School Sport

Our Preschool sports program is aimed at all kids aged 2-5 years old

The focus is to offer a healthy grounding in early childhood development skills. We strongly believe in creating a healthy lifestyle that will promote a lifelong love for sports and exercise for a positive future. Our preschool program is aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (Belonging, Being and Becoming)

The program encourages early childhood development through active and focused age-appropriate sport classes. It is a multi- sport program providing kids full exposure to a wide variety of sports including: Soccer, Tennis, Footy, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Netball and Baseball/Tee ball.

The program is divided into 3 age specific categories:

All three stages are tailored to the capabilities and needs of each age group. We focus on the 4 key areas of development that are in line with the department of education and early childhood development framework:

1) Social/Emotional

2) Language and Communication

3) Cognitive – Learning, thinking and problem solving

4) Movement and Physical Development